Teaching Fellows & Mentors

The Power of Near-Peer Relationships

Students are more likely to succeed when they have a mentor who is close in age and shares their background. Breakthrough New York uses a students-teaching-students model, in which over 150 college students and young professionals serve as teachers, mentors, and application coaches. 

For Teaching Fellows and Mentors, the experience is often transformational. College students gain direct teaching experience and build meaningful relationships with students, which sparks their own long-term professional interest in education.




Teaching Fellows Who Recommend BTNY to a Peer


Teaching Fellows Who Pursue Education Careers

Are you a college student looking for a paid internship where you can gain meaningful work experience and make a positive difference?

Join us as a Breakthrough teaching fellow or mentor today.

Teaching Opportunities

Summer Teaching Fellows

Teach a reading, writing, social studies, or science class during our 6-week summer program. Receive coaching from a current NYC public school teacher, and join a national corps of teaching fellows. [8-Week Fellowship; $2,000-$2,500 Stipend]

Learn more about the largest pre-professional teacher residency through the Breakthrough Collaborative.

After-School Teaching Assistants

Teach a writing, civics, or high school options course during our bi-weekly after-school program in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx. Receive coaching from BTNY staff and join a city-wide corps of teaching assistants. [Fall or Spring semester commitment; $15/hr]

Summer Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaches are experienced teachers who provide support, training, and feedback to undergraduate Teaching Fellows. This role is great for classroom teachers who are interested in growing their skills as instructional coaches. [Summer, $26/hour]

Mentoring Opportunities

High School Placement Assistant

Provide individualized support to 8th grade students and their families as they apply to competitive public and independent high schools. [Fall semester commitment; $15/hr]

High School Mentor

Teach Saturday college preparation classes, and guide a cohort of high school students through their college applications. [Academic year commitment; $15/hr]

College Coach

Mentor a college student to achieve their academic, career, financial, and wellness goals. [Academic Year commitment; volunteer role]

Operations Opportunities

Summer Operations Assistant

Manage the site logistics for the summer program at the Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Bronx site [6-week commitment; $15/hr]

Middle School Program Assistant

Manage the site logistics for our middle school after-school program in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx [Fall or Spring semester commitment; $15/hr]

High School “Super Saturday” Assistant

Manage the site logistics of our high school “Super Saturday” program at our partner school in Midtown West [Academic Year commitment; $15/hr]

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