Our Ten-Year Program

A Ten-Year Promise

Breakthrough New York makes a ten-year commitment to support students to and through college.

Middle School

School Year Enrichment

Afterschool workshops two days a week for homework help and enrichment in the 7th and 8th grade.

Summer Learning

Writing, STEM, literature, and electives in our five-week summer program in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.

High School Options

Test prep, interview practice, and financial aid support to apply to excellent high schools.

Three students set up a science experiment with a ruler, marble, and timer

Summer Program Highlights

High School

Super Saturdays

Skill development and college-level discussions in Saturday seminars and online workshops.

Summer Opportunties

Access to study abroad programs, internships, and volunteering opportunities.

College Admissions

Mentors to guide students through college admissions, financial aid, and campus visits.

Students posing in front of an elevated view of Manhattan buildings

High School Student Spotlight: Athalia


College Coaches

A personal coach to plan academic, personal, and career decisions. 

Career Success

Access to Breakthrough’s network of diverse partners for internship and full-time job opportunities. 

Community Building

Connections to Breakthrough peers and alumni through professional and social events.

Mentors and mentees stand in front of a Breakthrough New York logo

College Student Spotlight: Diego Toribio

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