Dear Breakthrough Community,

Almost one week ago, the Supreme Court overturned a decades-long precedent of the use of affirmative action in college admissions. This means that admissions officers can no longer use race as a factor during the college admissions process.

At Breakthrough New York, we absolutely affirm the fullness and diversity of our students’ identities, which include their race and ethnicity. In a deeply segregated city like NYC, race and inequality can limit a student’s access to schools, opportunities, and resources at every point along their educational journey.

Affirmative action was intended to increase the diversity of campuses, in particular from historically marginalized groups; by banning the use of race-conscious admissions policies, these groups are even more likely to face the barriers of structural racism and inequity of this country’s education system. Not only will they be denied access to high-quality educational experiences, but student bodies will suffer from a lack of diverse cultures and viewpoints that will shape how they interact with the world.

We want our students to access high-quality educational opportunities and to experience their education with the pride of their lived experience. This is why we exist, and why we are committed to ensuring that our students navigate this next college admissions cycle with strong support behind them. This support includes:

  • Sharing the most current information for the upcoming college admissions cycle based on recommendations of university partners and peer organizations
  • Individualized guidance to ensure that students’ application materials reflect the full range of their strengths, experiences, identities, and goals
  • Expanding students’ knowledge of their higher education options through college visits, college fairs, and financial aid workshops

Over the past few years, Breakthrough New York students have faced increasing challenges in accessing and completing college. This additional change in the college landscape will be difficult, but not impossible, to overcome. Our scholars are bright, talented, and determined to succeed, and we are fortunate to be here to support them.

Thank you to the Breakthrough community for your continued support, through partnerships, donations, volunteerism, and the countless other ways that you show your desire to see our students shine. Together, we will persist to give our students every opportunity possible.


Beth E. Onofry

Executive Director

39 Broadway, Suite 820
New York, NY 10006
[email protected]
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